Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 72: P Day Pics!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry this is short!  Here are some pics from my P Day today!  I LOVE my mission!! 

Elder Marsh

Bandeja Paisa! Common meal from northern part of Colombia

El Mohan monument in Neiva
Inspired by one of the myths of Huila, it serves as an access to the cable car that crosses the Magdalena River towards Isla Park “La Gaitana”.

City of Neiva!

El Río Magdalena (Magdalena River).  View from El Mohan monument.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 71: Good News!

Hey everyone!! This was a great and hot week here in Neiva! I’m gonna jump right in to the good news!

So Luis went to church this week for the third time.  We also taught him and passed by his house every day to see how he was doing.  And he is doing GREAT!  He is getting himself ready to get baptized this Saturday! Woo hoo! He is doing super well with his prayers, his reading, and his desire to get baptized and follow the Lord´s example.  He has been following the commandments we’ve taught him and most of all he has changed.  He was a little bit unsure about his baptism, but he told us an experience that he had the night right before church, and feels it was an answer from God.  He then didn’t doubt his baptism and he’s going to enter into the covenant this week.  What a blessing!

We are still teaching Sara and Angelo.  Juliana´s son hasn’t arrived to Neiva yet.  The whole family is super interested in the church and are still planning on their baptism! We’re excited for them!  On Saturday we taught them the plan of salvation.  After they gave us dinner! Some arroz con pollo!  It was delicious!  It’s like a rice with shredded chicken and some vegetables.  Super delish!

This week as a zone we did just as good as the last week!  In these three weeks of January, we have found 310 new investigators and have set 151 baptismal dates! Crazy!!  There’s just something about this zone that is super animated to work and find!  That makes me super happy to see them have so much success!  I love it!  Elder Centurion and I don’t even know what to say it’s just jaw dropping!  I pray we continue having this much success.  It means there are many of Heavenly Father's children ready to listen to this gospel and I know this makes the Lord happy.

We found the son of a less active member that told us he’s ready to be baptized.  We set up a baptismal date of February 4th.  Although we’re not sure if that will work, we are still working on getting him to attend the whole block of meetings.  His name is Camilo and he’s super pumped to get baptized!  What a blessing!

Thanks to everything for all that you do! Love you so much!

Elder Marsh

Get jacked and baptize! Elder Centurion and I :)

Eating cui (guinea pig)

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 70: What a Week!

This was a super awesome week for the missionaries here in Neiva. We broke some records as a zone this week finding 123 new investigators and setting 64 baptismal dates. What a blessing it is to be a Neivano today!

My comp and I were able to find 11 investigators and set 7 baptismal dates.

One awesome experience we had was that a less active member moved into our ward, and in his house we have 2 future baptisms for the 4th of February and a possible 3rd when the son of his girlfriend gets here to Neiva. So we’re super pumped about that! The father’s name is Mario and his son’s name is Angelo and he’s 9. Mario´s girlfriend, Juliana, has a daughter that is 8 years and her son’s going to be coming to Neiva and he’s 13. As for Juliana, she needs to get divorced from her old husband and then married to Mario before she gets baptized. So were going to be helping with that process! It might take some time but we’ll be here to help them out!

Also, Bibiana got BAPTIZED!! Woo hoo!! It was seriously such an awesome experience.  She was so happy!   We have some funny pictures of her baptism that I’m going to send with this.

Elder Centurión and I are doing great together. We were able to find many investigators and help them progress and get baptized.  It’s not an easy thing to do at all.  There are so many temptations, problems, things that they need resolve before baptism can occur. We are focused on helping people receive that restored gospel. We are loving it! I’m so happy here, on my mission. I’m seeing miracles every day. I’m seeing the joy the gospel brings to people. What an amazing time it is to be a missionary of Jesus Christ. I know this church is true. And there is no other way we can return to our Father in Heaven, but through His gospel. 

Love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Elder Marsh

Overjoyed for Bibiana,! After changing baptism several times :) 

Bibiana and her 3 children. Julian's face...priceless!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 69: 2017

Hey everyone!

This week’s letter is just gonna be some pictures! ;)

There were transfers this week, so Monday was busy!  Then, we went to Bogota for a leadership meeting.  It was a great meeting!  On Thursday, we had to plan for the zone meeting and ran a bunch of errands.  Saturday and Sunday due to the New Year’s celebrations, we didn’t have anything going on.

Love you guys!  Have a good week!

Elder Marsh

Future BYU 2017

BYU Placa(plates)?  All the way out here! <3

La zona Neiva